Machinery, synthesis, studio and field recordings make up this collection of loops. Each loop set is rendered with the full loop, minus hats, and then the individual components. You can swap in a snare or percussion part from one loop to another, change hat patterns, and even slice up the part in your favorite DAW to rearrange things all together.

Volume Two of BOLTx is composed at the tempos 70, 120, and 130bpm, providing a large span of feelings to explore. Each tempo is packed in it's own folder, making it easy to navigate the data set.

The loops are provided in industry standard WAV, Apple Loops AIF, and REX2 Format. Just drop some BOLTx in a track and you are on your way to building something new. All content is 24bit / 44.1khz.

Listen to the demos to hear what BOLTx Volume 2 has to offer your productions.

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NEW! COBALT BLUE - For Kontakt 4 or Greater

Cobalt Blue is a collection of timbres for film, Post, Video Games and general Multimedia Sound Design. Inspired by metal ore and processed with the most pristine hardware granulator on the market, these timbres are moody, mysterious, and blue. They are truly abstract effects.

Source material ranges from metal impacts, scrapes, data taps, voice, synthesis, and all around found sounds to provide a diverse range of tones and timbres for use as percussive accents, beds, drones and pads.

Patches are programmed to give the most of each oscillator set. Heavy modulations to subtle adjustments make this an asset to professional sound designers, and modern composers alike.

Listen to the demo material for a glimpse of what is included.

Click for audio demos and more info...

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