THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT HAS SUPPORTED US OVER THE YEARS!  Nearly 2 terabytes later, and we are closed... Below is information about some of our legacy products, a short archive of memories.  Content has been created for EastWest, AMG, XferRecords, and Bitword - to name a few. If you haven’t already - you will probably hear our sounds sometime in your life, in film, on television, commercials, video games, or even through your music player. MARC VAN BORK CONTENT PRODUCER AND FOUNDER
"With so much for so little, Wavefront is a must-have ReFill." -Remix Magazine "Once it's sucked you in, you may struggle to pull yourself out.” -Computer Music Magazine "While the collection covers a lot of territory, the sounds are unique enough that you're not likely to find a lot of overlap with existing sound libaries.” -Synthtopia “(WaveFront) distances itself from many offers by the Competition in Concept and Sound” -Keys Magazine “You said you went out of your way to create a ReFill that promises to be every bit as good as a workstation or better. In my estimation you've conqured a hundred different brand workstations.” -WaveFront User Review "Wavefront is my favourite Refill. Fantastic stuff. " -WaveFront User Review
"If fresh synth sounds are what you're looking for in a ReFill, I haven't heard a better source than this. I've played with a bunch of refills for Reason, and nothing offers up so many great sampler patches as Sonic Data Vol. 1. Over a gigabyte of waveform data (uncompressed) makes up the raw material that Sonic's developers used to craft these patches, which range from utilitarian to otherworldly.” -EQ Magazine "This is a perfect accompaniment to any musician looking for the versatility of synth sounds in a sampler setting. This CD is definitely up there in my rankings.” -ReasonFreaks
"Luscious pads are the heart of this carefully programmed, highly cost-effective collection.” -Keyboard Magazine "If you put even the slightest effort into programming Vapor, you can loose yourself, not in depressing menus found on most hardware, but in the delight of easily creating new sounds and timbres yet realized.” -TraxMusic "There is also a hi-tech influence, so if you work to picture, these sounds would be more suited to a contemporary setting — modern horror, action or sci-fi rather than costume drama… The range of sounds that could be conjured up by Vapor is staggering." -SoundOnSound Magazine